Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard

3,330 EGP

Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard
Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard 3,330 EGP

Unleash Productivity with Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard

Transform Your Tablet into a Laptop

Experience a revolutionary way of using your tablet with the Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard. This innovative accessory seamlessly converts your tablet into a laptop, offering you the convenience of a physical keyboard while retaining the portability of your device. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an on-the-go individual, this versatile keyboard brings you the best of both worlds.

Comfort and Convenience in Every Keystroke

Designed for various 9-10 inch tablets, including Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Amazon Kindle models, the Universal Folio provides a snug fit and secure grip. Its stretchable corner system adjusts to your tablet’s dimensions, ensuring it remains securely in place. The keyboard’s well-spaced keys and familiar layout offer a comfortable typing experience that rivals that of a traditional laptop. With a dedicated row of shortcut keys, you can effortlessly control media, adjust volume, and navigate your tablet without touching the screen.

Durability, Battery Life, and Connectivity

Crafted with Logitech’s renowned quality, the Universal Folio is built to withstand everyday use. Its solid construction ensures protection against drops, bumps, and spills, giving your tablet the shield it deserves. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology guarantees a reliable wireless connection between the keyboard and your tablet, enabling seamless typing anywhere.

Enhance Your Work Efficiency

Tired of juggling between your tablet’s touchscreen and a separate keyboard? The Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard simplifies your workflow by providing a convenient typing experience that boosts your efficiency. Whether you’re typing lengthy emails, creating documents, or browsing the web, the laptop-like keyboard layout ensures a smooth and familiar experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of touchscreen typing and unlock your true potential with this keyboard.

Logitech Universal Folio Smart Keyboard: Style Meets Functionality

The Universal Folio isn’t just about practicality – it’s also about style. Its sleek design complements your tablet’s aesthetics, while the black color adds a touch of sophistication. The slim profile of the keyboard case ensures easy portability, allowing you to carry it wherever you go. Stand out from the crowd while enjoying the functionality of a laptop, all from your tablet.


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