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Logitech Slim Folio Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 3rd Generation

Original price was: 2,888 EGP.Current price is: 1,444 EGP.

Logitech Slim Folio smart keyboard for IPad Air 3e generation
Logitech Slim Folio Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 3rd Generation 2,888 EGP Original price was: 2,888 EGP.1,444 EGPCurrent price is: 1,444 EGP.

Logitech Slim Folio: Elevate iPad Productivity with Smart Keyboard

Elevate Your Productivity with Logitech Slim Folio Smart Keyboard

Precision Typing and Seamless Navigation

The Logitech Slim Folio brings the power of a laptop smart keyboard for your iPad Air, ensuring each keystroke is precise and responsive. The integrated touchpad enhances your navigation experience, allowing you to effortlessly interact with your device through intuitive gestures.

Unlock New Levels of Efficiency

Embrace the next evolution in iPad productivity with the Logitech Slim Folio smart keyboard for iPad Air. This isn’t just a keyboard case; it’s your gateway to optimized efficiency and seamless multitasking.

Adaptability and Protection Unleashed

Discover the harmony of versatility and safeguarding. The Slim Folio instantly transforms your iPad into a laptop-like workstation, wherever you are. Safeguarded from shocks and scratches, your iPad remains secure, making it perfect for professionals, students, and creatives alike. Whether you’re working at your desk or lounging in your backyard, the Slim Folio provides the optimal angle for typing, sketching, and viewing.

Empower Your Productivity Journey

For High School Students: A Learning Companion

The Logitech Slim Folio isn’t just a case; it’s an educational tool. Perfect for high school students, it facilitates paper writing, note-taking, collaborative projects, and idea mapping. It ensures your iPad is protected on the go, ready to tackle your academic endeavors, whether you’re in class or on the move.

For College Students: Amplify Your Campus Experience

Maximize the potential of your iPad during your college journey. The Slim Folio lets you seamlessly transition from taking notes to sketching diagrams and attending virtual lectures. With its extended battery life, it’s a trusty companion for those long study sessions, ensuring you stay productive and connected throughout your academic pursuits.

For Work-from-Home Professionals: Elevate Your Workspace

The Slim Folio is more than a keyboard case; it’s your work-from-home ally. As your professional journey continues, this tool remains by your side, enabling seamless typing, video calls, virtual whiteboard collaborations, and more. Turn any corner of your home into a productive haven with this versatile accessory.


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