Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader


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Elevate Connectivity: Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader for Seamless Data Transfer

Enhance Device’s Reach: Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader

Stay linked in today’s digital world. Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader simplifies data sharing across devices. Four interfaces accommodate iOS, Android, USB, and Type-C. Expand device functions effortlessly.

One Card Reader, Many Devices

Imagine one reader for all devices. Coteetci 4 In 1 Reader does just that. Lightning connector for iOS, Micro USB for Android (OTG supported), USB for computers/Macs, Type-C for Type-C devices. Seamless transfer for iPhones, Androids, laptops, and tablets.

High-Performance Functionality: More Than Just a Card Reader

The Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader isn’t just a conduit for data; it’s a powerhouse designed to meet the demands of modern data usage. Complying with new UHS-I U3 specifications, this card reader boasts impressive A2 qualification, facilitating faster installation and operation of applications. The V30 video speed class guarantees the ability to record a minimum of 30MB of video per second, ensuring smooth and high-quality video capture. Supporting Full HD 1080p and Ultra HD 4K recording and playback, this card reader is your ticket to stunning visuals.

Rugged Durability: Your Data’s Guardian

Data security is paramount, especially when on the go. The Coteetci 4 In 1 Reader is not just about convenience; it’s about rugged durability that protects your valuable data. With attributes like waterproofing, shockproofing, antistatic capabilities, X-ray resistance, and wide temperature support (-25°C to 85°C), this card reader stands strong against various environmental factors. Whether you’re capturing memories in challenging conditions or transferring important files, rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Elevate Your Device Experience with Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader

Introducing the Coteetci 4 In 1 Card Reader – a revolutionary device that transcends traditional boundaries and brings together your diverse tech ecosystem. With a single card reader that encompasses four interfaces, your devices are united under a seamless data transfer solution. Whether it’s the lightning connector for your iOS devices, the Micro USB connector for Android devices, the USB connector for your computers and Macs, or the Type-C connector for your Type-C devices, this card reader empowers you to effortlessly share and manage your data.

Experience Ultimate Versatility

Gone are the days of juggling multiple adapters for different devices. The Coteetci 4 In 1 Reader simplifies your life by offering universal compatibility in one compact device. From iPhones to Android smartphones, laptops to tablets, this card reader connects them all. Seamlessly move files, documents, and multimedia across your devices with confidence and ease, knowing that the Coteetci card reader is designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance.

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