Coteetci camera protector & SIM PIN for iPhone X

120 EGP


Coteetci camera protector & SIM PIN for iPhone X
Coteetci camera protector & SIM PIN for iPhone X 120 EGP

Highlighting Your iPhone X Camera

Preserve the pristine clarity of your iPhone X main camera with the Coteetci Camera Protector. Crafted with precision, this tempered glass protector installs seamlessly, leaving your camera lens free from scratches and smudges. With its 9H surface hardness and 6D curved design, it blends effortlessly with your device, ensuring your camera remains safe while capturing life’s precious moments.

Enhanced Security with Coteetci SIM PIN for iPhone X

Keep your personal information secure with the Coteetci SIM PIN for iPhone X. This essential accessory adds an extra layer of protection to your device by requiring a unique PIN code whenever you insert a new SIM card. With the SIM PIN enabled, you can prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only you can use your iPhone X with a new SIM card. This feature is especially useful if your device gets lost or stolen, as it helps safeguard your data and privacy. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your iPhone X is protected with the Coteetci SIM PIN, providing enhanced security for your valuable device.

Easy Application, Lasting Protection

Applying the protector is a breeze – just remove the transparent film, gently paste it against the camera, and you’re ready to snap away. Fingers glide effortlessly across the smooth surface, ensuring no interference with your photography experience. This protector also features an oleo-phobic anti-smudge coating, keeping your camera lens crystal clear and ready for action.

Compatibility and Convenience

Designed specifically for iPhone X, the Coteetci Camera Protector is the perfect addition to your device. Along with the camera protector, this package also includes a SIM Pin, providing added value and convenience. Safeguard your iPhone X camera, enjoy peace of mind, and capture stunning images effortlessly with Coteetci Camera Protector.

Advanced Tempered Glass Technology

Crafted with advanced tempered glass technology, this camera protector boasts a surface hardness of 9H, making it highly resistant to impact and scratches. Its 6D curved design seamlessly fits your iPhone X camera lens, providing edge-to-edge protection without compromising image quality. Experience peace of mind as you explore the world and capture memories with your iPhone X.

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