Seagate One Touch Portable HDD 4TB

7,500 EGP


Seagate One Touch Portable HDD Silver
Seagate One Touch Portable HDD 4TB 7,500 EGP

Seagate One Touch 4TB: Elevate Your Data Security

Seagate One Touch Portable HDD 4TB: Secure Your Memories

Unlock the potential of your digital world with the Seagate One Touch Portable HDD 4TB. In this modern age of endless memories captured in photos, precious documents, and creative projects, having a reliable and portable storage solution is essential. Dive into why the Seagate One Touch is your perfect companion.

Effortless Data Management

The Seagate One Touch is your personal assistant for data management. With quick plug-and-play USB 3.0 connectivity, it effortlessly syncs with Windows, Mac, or Chromebook. Whether you want to consolidate files with a single click or schedule automatic backups daily, weekly, or monthly, this drive puts you in control. Your data stays safe and organized, just the way you want it.

Creativity Unleashed

A world of creativity awaits you. When you choose the Seagate One Touch, you’re not just getting storage; you’re unlocking your creative potential. Enjoy a one-year complimentary subscription to Mylio Create and a four-month membership to Adobe Creative Cloud’s photography plan. Edit, manage, and share your photos like a pro. Your creative journey begins here.

Seagate One Touch Portable HDD 4TB: Your Digital Sanctuary

Your data is precious, and the Seagate One Touch understands that. It offers features like password protection, ensuring your files are safe from prying eyes. But it’s not just about security; it’s about style too. The minimalist brushed metal enclosure complements your personal aesthetic, making this portable drive the perfect accessory for the modern lifestyle.

Simplified Backup Solutions

Memories should be cherished, not lost. With storage capacities of 4TB, the Seagate One Touch ensures that all your memories have a home. Plug it in via USB 3.0, and with a single click, back up your cherished moments. You can also schedule automatic backups to ensure your memories are safe and sound, ready to be revisited whenever you desire.

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