Ferrari Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s

299 EGP


Ferrari Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s
Ferrari Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s 299 EGP

Ferrari Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s – Superior Protection and Elegance

Premium Protection for Your Device

Keep your iPhone 6 /iPhone 6s Plus display safe and scratch-free with the Ferrari Apple iPhone 6/6s Glass Screen Guard. This high-quality tempered glass screen protector is designed to shield your phone from scratches and wear, ensuring your device looks brand new for longer. Its 9H super hardness and steel explosion-proof glass offer exceptional impact resistance, providing peace of mind during everyday use.

Ferrari Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s: Sleek Design, Perfect Fit

Designed with precision, the Ferrari Glass Screen Protector offers a perfect fit with precise cutouts. The tactile screen surface ensures smooth touch sensitivity, allowing you to navigate your device effortlessly. Its clear and transparent finish keeps the original display clarity intact, ensuring an optimal viewing experience without any distortion.

Ferrari Quality and Style

Embrace the luxury of Ferrari with this officially licensed product. Show your passion for the brand and elevate your device’s appearance with the iconic Ferrari logo. The Ferrari Glass Screen Protector makes a perfect gift for Ferrari fans, combining superior protection with stylish design.

Easy Installation and Repeated Use

Installing the Ferrari Glass Screen Protector is hassle-free. The package includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning your device’s screen, ensuring a smooth and bubble-free installation. Thanks to its adsorption technology, the screen guard adheres securely to your iPhone, and its infinitely repeated use makes it a long-lasting investment. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your device is safeguarded with the finest protection.

Crystal Clear Visuals and Anti-Smudge Coating

Experience crystal-clear visuals with the Ferrari Glass Screen Protector. Its high transmittance ensures that the display quality remains unaltered, letting you enjoy the vibrant colors and sharp details of your device. Moreover, the anti-smudge and anti-oil properties keep fingerprints and smudges at bay, maintaining a pristine appearance and a touch-sensitive screen.


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