JCPAL PaperTech Screen Protector for iPad 10

1,290 EGP

JCPAL PaperTech Screen Protector for iPad 10 - 1
JCPAL PaperTech Screen Protector for iPad 10 1,290 EGP

Unleash Your Creativity with JCPAL PaperTech: A Paper-Like iPad 10 Screen Protector

Immerse Yourself in the Paper-Like Experience with JCPAL PaperTech Screen Protector for iPad 10

Transform your iPad 10 into a canvas with JCPAL PaperTech, a high-quality screen protector that replicates the tactile feel of real paper. Its unique structure perfectly mimics the texture of paper, elevating the comfort and precision of your drawing and note-taking experience.

Matte Finish for Authenticity and Comfort

The matte finish of the protective foil not only enhances the authenticity of your virtual paper but also provides a surface that feels just like drawing on a piece of paper. Experience the pressure sensitivity and line precision that brings your creative endeavors to life.

Seamless Integration with Face ID and Front Camera

Designed with precision, JCPAL PaperTech fits flawlessly on your iPad 10, seamlessly working with Face ID and ensuring no interference with the front camera’s operation. Enjoy the convenience of facial recognition without compromising on the natural paper-like texture.

Anti-Reflective Magic: Draw and Write Without Glare

Say goodbye to distracting reflections and fingerprints. The anti-reflective properties of the matte finish not only reduce fingerprints but also minimize glare, letting you focus on your art and notes without any interruptions.

JCPAL PaperTech Screen Protector for iPad 10: Perfect Fit, Ultimate Protection

Crafted to perfection, JCPAL PaperTech offers scratch protection while maintaining perfect transparency. It snugly fits your iPad 10’s display, providing a layer of defense against scratches without sacrificing the clarity of your screen. Compatibility with most cases on the market ensures comprehensive device protection.

Enhanced Productivity and Comfort

Whether you’re sketching, writing, or taking notes, the matte finish not only adds authenticity but also reduces screen glare. Enjoy enhanced productivity and comfort as you work for extended hours without the strain caused by harsh reflections or fingerprints.

Seamless Integration with Apple Pencil

Pair JCPAL PaperTech with the Apple Pencil for a seamless and responsive interaction. The surface mimics the resistance of paper, making it an ideal companion for those who prefer the traditional feel of pen on paper. Elevate your digital art and note-taking game to new heights.