WIWU Magsafe USB-C Power Connector – X3

507 EGP

WIWU Magsafe USB-C Power Connector
WIWU Magsafe USB-C Power Connector - X3 507 EGP

Experience Efficiency with WIWU X3 MagSafe USB-C Power Connector for MacBook

WIWU Magsafe USB-C Power Connector: Next-Level Power Convenience

Elevate your MacBook experience with the WIWU Magsafe USB-C Power Connector – X3. Revolutionize the way you charge and connect with this essential accessory designed for modern laptop users. Say goodbye to cumbersome charging setups and embrace the future of efficient power delivery.

Streamlined Charging and Connectivity

Introducing the WIWU X3 MagSafe USB Type-C Power Converter – the compact solution to your charging and connectivity needs. This ingenious adapter combines the convenience of a magnetic mount with the versatility of a USB Type-C connector. Seamlessly connect your cables and chargers to your MacBook with ease and precision, all while enjoying a remarkable maximum power output of up to 87 watts.

Magnetism Meets Efficiency

Measuring just 25mm in length, the WIWU X3 is a masterclass in efficiency. Comprising two parts – the adapter and the magnetic head – this connector ensures you’ll never lose track of your power source. With the magnetic head securely plugged into your MacBook’s Type-C port, you can charge and connect confidently without the fear of disconnection. The six magnetic points inside the connector ensure a strong and stable bond between the adapter and the magnetic head.

Unleash Power and Potential

Experience the power of the WIWU MagSafe Power Connector. With a maximum current of 20A, this connector isn’t just about charging – it’s about empowering your MacBook and other Type-C devices. Charge with confidence, knowing your device is receiving a safe and optimized flow of power. What’s more, this versatile tool can also serve as a connector from your MacBook to your iPhone or smartphone, allowing you to charge or sync data effortlessly.

Specs That Speak Excellence

The WIWU X3 MagSafe USB Type-C Power Converter is built to exceed expectations. Its output ranges from 5V/2.4A to 20V/4.3A (MAX), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re using a MacBook Pro 15-inch (100-240V;87W), MacBook 2015 (100-240V;29W), MacBook Pro 13-inch (100-240V;61W), or other devices with Type-C interfaces, the WIWU X3 has you covered. Its compact dimensions of 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 cm and feather-light weight of 10 grams make it a truly portable and essential accessory for every modern user.


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