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Experience Unrivaled Music with the UE BOOM3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Immersive Soundscapes

Elevate your auditory experience with the UE BOOM3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This super-portable marvel delivers a 360° symphony of crystal-clear sound with deep, resonating bass. Let your music come to life in every corner, perfectly balanced for your ultimate enjoyment. Plus, with up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, your melodies keep echoing wherever your adventure takes you.

Adventure-Ready Power

Get ready to take your music on a journey that never ends. The rechargeable battery of the UE BOOM3 ensures your tunes keep playing for a solid 15 hours with each charge. And if you’re always on the move, add the POWER UP charging dock (available separately) to your setup. It wirelessly charges the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3, ensuring it’s always ready to accompany you on your next musical escapade.

UE BOOM3: Built to Brave

The UE BOOM3 is not just a speaker; it’s a reliable companion for your every adventure. Waterproof and virtually indestructible, it’s designed to face the elements head-on. This speaker defies water, dust, and whatever life throws your way. Submerge it, let it float, and let your music play on, unaffected and louder than ever.

Introducing the Ultimate Sound Companion

Prepare to be amazed by the UE BOOM3’s power-packed features. This wireless Bluetooth speaker offers a balanced 360° sound experience enriched by deep bass. It boasts one-touch music control, is water, dust, and drop-proof, and features a high-performance fabric finish that adds a touch of sophistication to its rugged build.

UE BOOM3: Unyielding Durability

Built to withstand life’s challenges, the BOOM 3 has proven its mettle through more than 25 rigorous durability tests. Thousands of button presses, countless tumbles, multiple drop tests – it’s been through it all and emerged unscathed. From city rooftops to mountain peaks, the BOOM 3 is your dependable companion.

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