Bange Backpack 7216 / Black

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Bange 7216 Backpack: Your stylish companion

Your Ideal Travel Companion

Travel with confidence and style with the Bange 7216 backpack. This backpack is designed to meet the needs of the modern traveler, offering functionality, durability, and security in one package. With ample capacity and tidy compartments, it can hold a 15.6-inch laptop and an 11-inch iPad. TSA anti-theft locks protect your valuables wherever you are. Made from waterproof material with waterproof fabric and zipper, it ensures your belongings stay safe and dry, no matter the weather.

Safe and convenient: Your ultimate travel partner

Bange Backpack 7216 prioritizes safety and convenience. Its smart safety lock, made of solid zinc alloy, provides solid protection against theft of your valuables. Setting a password lock is quick and easy. The built-in USB charging interface lets you charge your devices on the go, perfect for business travelers and tech-savvy people alike. A breathable and comfortable design, with terry mesh on the back and shoulder straps, ensures an enjoyable journey. With adjustable straps and a soft top handle, it offers great support and easy carrying options. Whether for work or play, the Bange backpack is your trusted companion, combining safety and convenience in a stylish design.

Backpacks for the modern traveler

Introducing the Bange 7216 Backpack, the ideal companion for the modern traveler. With outstanding quality and thoughtful design, this backpack exceeds expectations. The spacious interior holds 20 to 35 liters, helping to organize your belongings efficiently. A dedicated laptop compartment protects your 15.6-inch laptop during travel. TSA anti-theft locks add extra security for your peace of mind. Made from durable carbon fiber, this backpack can withstand the harsh conditions of travel.

Bange Backpack 7216: Always Powered and Connected

Uninterrupted power supply with Bange backpack. The device has an external USB charging port, convenient for charging devices on the go. Connect your power bank to the built-in USB port to keep devices fully charged wherever you are. USB 3.0 fast charging ensures efficiency, saves you time, and keeps you connected. Waterproof fabric and waterproof zipper provide extra protection. Ergonomic design with breathable terry mesh provides superior comfort and support, allowing for stylish and convenient walking.