WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook Air 13, Pro 13/14/16

950 EGP1,200 EGP

WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook Air 13, Pro 13/14/16 950 EGP1,200 EGP

WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook Air 13, Pro 13/14/16

WIWU Screen Protector for your Macbook: Crystal Clear Protection

Light transmittance. Oil resistance. High definition.

Introducing the WWIWU Screen Protector for your Macbook, a shield designed for perfection. With exceptional light transmittance, it reveals your MacBook’s display in stunning high definition. The oil-resistant layer ensures clarity, providing a crystal-clear view while resisting smudges. This ultra-thin protector seamlessly adheres, automatically laminating for a bubble-free application. Experience eco-friendly protection that’s water and dustproof, washable for enduring clarity. Your MacBook’s brilliance preserved effortlessly.

Eco-Friendly Brilliance

Environmentally conscious. Water and dustproof. Washable.

More than a protector, WIWU Screen Protector cares for your MacBook and the planet. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, this screen protector prioritizes sustainability without compromising performance. Water and dustproof, it safeguards your MacBook against life’s elements. The washable skin ensures a fresh, new look, making it a durable, eco-conscious choice. Trust in protection that not only cares for your device but also contributes to a greener world.

Clarity Redefined

Ultra-thin design. Transparent beauty. 360-degree defense.

Immerse yourself in the clarity redefined by WIWU Screen Protector. The ultra-thin design is a testament to sleek sophistication, preserving your MacBook’s original aesthetics. Revel in transparent beauty that lets your device shine through. This protector provides not just a cover but a 360-degree defense against scratches, ensuring your MacBook stays flawless. Elevate your visual experience with WIWU, where clarity meets elegance, and protection is an art.

Ultimate Compatibility

Perfect fit for MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13/14/16.

WIWU Screen Protector for Macbooks is meticulously designed for a perfect fit. Compatible with MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 14, MacBook Pro 16, and MacBook Pro 13, it adheres seamlessly with a 1:1 mold fit. Boasting 80% light transmittance, it surpasses standard protectors, ensuring optimal visibility. Elevate your screen protection game with WIWU Screen Protector for Macbooks – where clarity meets compatibility.

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MacBook Air 13 M1, MacBook Air 13.6 M2, Macbook Pro 13 M1/M2, Macbook Pro 14 M1/M2, Macbook Pro 16 M1/M2