WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook 16 Touchbar

507 EGP

WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook New 13 Air & Pro
WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook 16 Touchbar 507 EGP

Enhance Your Viewing Experience with WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook 16

Crystal Clear Protection for Your MacBook Screen

Experience the brilliance of your MacBook’s display with the WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook 16 Touchbar. This high-definition clear film offers exceptional light transmittance, allowing you to enjoy your content with vivid clarity. The screen protector is designed to provide a secure anti-explosion function, protecting your screen from potential daily damage. With its easy-to-apply self-adhering feature, it leaves no residue when removed, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Elevate your MacBook’s screen protection to a whole new level with this HD clear screen protector.

WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook 16: Uncompromising Durability and Functionality

The WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook combines an ultra-slim design with tough, 9H hardness for unbeatable protection. This three-times stronger than regular PET film can withstand sharp objects like knives and keys, ensuring your screen remains scratch-free. Say goodbye to glare and eye fatigue with the anti-glare feature that eliminates reflection and enhances your viewing experience. The transparent surface maintains the original screen look while reducing friction. With its water and oil-resistant coating, it provides easy cleaning, allowing you to enjoy a perfect and natural viewing experience. Trust in the rigorous and unobtrusive protection of the WIWU Screen Protector.

Effortless Installation and Lasting Performance

Installing the WIWU Screen Protector for Macbook is a breeze. Its small absorption layer minimizes bubble air, making it easier to apply. In case of any spots, bubbles, or sections that don’t stick, simply remove and reposition the film, and it will automatically adhere to the screen again. The rounded-edge technology not only adds a touch of elegance but also prevents cracking and unnecessary damage. When it’s time to remove the screen protector, rest assured that it leaves no residue on your device. Enjoy long-lasting performance and peace of mind with the WIWU Screen Protector.