WIWU Paper Film for iPad 10.2

507 EGP

WIWU Paper Film for iPad 12.9 Pro
WIWU Paper Film for iPad 10.2 507 EGP

Immerse Yourself in the Paper-like Experience with WIWU Paper Film for iPad 10.2

WIWU Paper Film for iPad 10.2: Immerse Yourself in the Paper-like Experience

Experience the joy of writing and drawing on your iPad with the WIWU Paper Film for iPad 10.2. Designed to replicate the texture of paper, this screen protector provides an unparalleled tactile experience. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and productivity as the Paperlike surface offers precise control for your Apple Pencil. With 80% light transmittance, surpassing that of regular screen protectors, enjoy stunning visuals while retaining the unique paper-like texture. Elevate your iPad experience with the WIWU Paper Film.

Uncompromising Protection and Visual Clarity

Protect your iPad screen with the WIWU Paper Film, offering anti-scratch, anti-glare, and oil resistance features. With a remarkable hardness rating of 3H, this screen protector is three times stronger than the regular PET film, ensuring exceptional durability against sharp objects such as knives and keys. Say goodbye to reflections, eye fatigue, stains, and finger friction with the anti-glare properties. The transparent surface not only maintains the original look of your screen but also reduces friction, providing a smooth and natural touch. Trust in the rigorous and unobtrusive protection offered by the WIWU Paper Film.

Effortless Installation and Lasting Satisfaction

Installing and removing the WIWU Paper Film is a breeze, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. The film features a small absorption layer that reduces bubble air, making it easier to apply and ensuring a seamless result. When it’s time to remove the screen protector, rest assured that it leaves no residue on your device. If there are any spots, bubbles, or sections that don’t adhere properly, simply remove, wipe, and reposition, and it will automatically stick to the screen again. The rounded-edge technology adds a touch of elegance to the film while preventing cracks and unnecessary damage. Enjoy the effortless installation and lasting satisfaction with the WIWU Paper Film.