Mocoll 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 11 Pro

250 EGP

Mocoll 3D Anti-Blue Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max
Mocoll 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 11 Pro 250 EGP

Unmatched Protection and Clarity with Mocoll’s 3D Anti-Blue Tempered Glass Protector

Unrivaled Protection with Mocoll 3D Anti-Blue Tempered Glass Protector

9H Hardness: Unmatched Protection Against Scratches

Mocoll 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 11 Pro boasts an impressive 9H hardness rating, guaranteeing exceptional protection against scratches from daily objects such as keys, pens, or even steel knives. With this protector in place, you can confidently carry your iPhone 11 Pro without worrying about unsightly marks or damage to the screen.

Anti-Fingerprint: Crystal Clear Screen, Always

Say goodbye to annoying fingerprints and smudges on your iPhone 11 Pro’s screen. Mocoll’s tempered glass is engineered with an oleophobic coating that repels oils and fingerprints, ensuring a crystal-clear display at all times. Enjoy the true beauty of your device without any distractions.

Quick Response and High Transmittance: Seamless Touch Experience

Experience lightning-fast touch response with Mocoll’s 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector. Specially selected glass and adhesive materials enable an incredibly responsive touchscreen, allowing your device to effortlessly keep up with your every command. With an impressive light transmittance rate of 95% and above, the visual effect is close to that of the original phone screen, delivering vibrant colors and sharp details.

Mocoll 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 11 Pro: Impeccable Clarity and Bubble-Free Application

Zero Bubble: Effortless and Perfect Application

Thanks to Mocoll’s self-adsorption technology, applying the screen protector is a breeze. The tempered glass adheres smoothly to your iPhone’s screen without any bubbles, provided there is no dust or debris present during installation. Achieve a seamless and flawless application every time.

High-Definition Clear Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating

Mocoll’s 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector is equipped with a 99.99% high-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. This special coating not only guards against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints but also ensures easy cleaning. Simply wipe away marks and smudges effortlessly, leaving your screen pristine and clear.

Specialized Features for Enhanced Experience

Advanced Functions for Added Convenience and Protection

Mocoll’s 3D Anti Blue Tempered Glass Protector goes above and beyond to provide additional features that cater to your needs.

Blue Light Filter: Protect Your Eyes

With the optional blue light filter function, Mocoll’s tempered glass protector filters out 95% of harmful blue light emitted by your iPhone’s screen. Safeguard your eyes from potential damage and alleviate visual fatigue caused by prolonged screen exposure. Enjoy a more comfortable and eye-friendly viewing experience.

Privacy Protection: Keep Your Screen Confidential

Mocoll offers a privacy protection variant of the tempered glass protector. When viewed from a 30-degree angle on either side, the screen contents become blurred, ensuring your privacy and sensitive information remain concealed. From a 60-degree angle, the glass displays a black screen, preventing prying eyes from accessing your content. Only when viewed directly in front of the screen is the content visible, maintaining your privacy while offering convenience.