Levelo Laminated Crystal Clear Screen Protector For iPad 10 / LVLLAMSP10-CL

780 EGP

Protect your iPad with Levelo’s Crystal Clear laminated screen protector

Great protection for your iPad

Give your beloved 2022 10th Gen 10.9″ iPad the protection it deserves with the Levelo Crystal Clear Laminated Screen Protector Meticulously designed for Apple iPad 10.2, 10.9 and 11, protector This screen is more than ‘a simple shield: it’s a guarantee of protection for your device’s screen.Made from strong glass material with an outstanding hardness of 9H, it is resistant to Scratches and bumps are unshakable, ensuring your screen stays pristine.

Crystal Clear screen protector for iPad 10: Luxury meets durability

Discover the perfect balance between elegance and durability with our transparent screen protector. The ultra-slim design helps maintain the iPad’s original aesthetic while providing superior protection. Its hydrophobic and hydrophobic coatings not only repel water and oil, but also maintain screen clarity, ensuring a smooth viewing experience. The curved edge design ensures a perfect fit, and impact resistance adds another layer of security to your precious iPad.

Functional, elegant and easy to install

Levelo understands that protection enhances your experience, not hinders it. That’s why Levelo’s Crystal Clear laminated screen protector is not only functional, but also stylish. It provides full screen coverage, allowing you to enjoy your iPad without glare or interference. Installation is quick and seamless, you won’t have to worry about sticky residue. Enjoy the convenience of responsive touch and smooth operation while your screen stays safe from scratches, scrapes and cracks.

Unleash the power of clarity

Your iPad screen is your window into a world of information and entertainment. Levelo’s Crystal Clear laminated screen protector is your gateway to superb clarity. The multi-layer design not only minimizes glare, but also enhances your viewing experience with crystal clear images. Whether you’re streaming video, browsing photos, or working on important documents, every detail comes to life, ensuring an engaging and engaging journey.