Apple Magic KeyBoard for iPad Pro 12.9 Arabic

28,900 EGP



Apple Magic KeyBoard for iPad Pro 12.9 Arabic
Apple Magic KeyBoard for iPad Pro 12.9 Arabic 28,900 EGP

Upgrade Your iPad Pro 12.9 with Apple Magic Keyboard – Unleash Productivity and Protection

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9: Unleash the Ultimate Potential

Prepare to unlock the full potential of your iPad Pro 12.9 with the extraordinary Apple Magic Keyboard. More than a mere accessory, this keyboard becomes your conduit to a world of unparalleled productivity and innovation.

Experience Unmatched Typing and Navigation

Reimagine typing and navigating on your iPad Pro 12.9. The Apple Magic Keyboard offers an unrivaled journey of precision, boasting responsive keys that create a tactile symphony with every stroke. Seamlessly traverse the iPadOS landscape using Multi-Touch gestures and the newfound versatility of a cursor.

Sleek Design Meets Exceptional Functionality

Experience the fusion of sleek aesthetics and exceptional practicality with the Magic Keyboard’s ingeniously crafted design. Its floating cantilever architecture ingeniously magnetizes your iPad Pro 12.9, allowing seamless adjustment to your preferred viewing angle. The incorporation of a built-in USB-C port ensures that your productivity never faces an interruption.

Unparalleled Integration with iPad Pro 12.9

The Apple Magic Keyboard isn’t just an accessory; it’s a seamless extension of your iPad Pro 12.9. As you magnetically attach it, a harmonious partnership forms, enabling a level of integration that blurs the line between the device and the keyboard. This synergy empowers you to effortlessly transition between typing, navigating, and interacting, all within a single, sleek unit.

Apple Magic KeyBoard for iPad Pro: Craftsmanship and Comfort United

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Apple Magic Keyboard reflects a level of craftsmanship that echoes Apple’s commitment to excellence. The precision-engineered scissor mechanism beneath each key ensures whisper-quiet and responsive typing. The elegantly backlit keys offer not only visual allure but also enhance usability in various lighting conditions, making your typing experience a delight even in low light.

The Promise of Lasting Performance

Designed to stand the test of time, the Apple Magic Keyboard embodies the company’s dedication to enduring quality. From its robust construction to the reliable scissor mechanism, every aspect of this keyboard is meticulously engineered to provide lasting performance. This keyboard isn’t just an addition to your device; it’s a lasting investment in your productivity and enjoyment, ensuring that you’ll continue to experience its exceptional performance for years to come.

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