JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub 1 HDMI + 3 USB + 1 PD USB-C + 1 SD + 1 microSD

1,890 EGP

JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub - 1
JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub 1 HDMI + 3 USB + 1 PD USB-C + 1 SD + 1 microSD 1,890 EGP

JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub

Versatile Connectivity at Your Fingertips: Connect to a World of Accessories with JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub

Introducing the upgraded JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub V2, a powerhouse of connectivity that brings versatility to your fingertips. With an incredible nine ports, this hub is your all-in-one solution for connecting to a world of accessories with just one device. The sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry wherever you need it, transforming your workspace into a hub of productivity.

Crisp 5K Video and High-Speed Transfers: Crisp Visuals, Swift Data Transfers

Step into a world of visual brilliance with the upgraded JCPAL USB-C Hub. The new HDMI port supports stunning 5K video or 4K at 60Hz, offering a visual feast whether you’re working or enjoying movies on a large external display. The three high-speed USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, with data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, are perfect for connecting accessories like external hard drives, audio devices, and digital cameras. Elevate your multimedia experience and enjoy the convenience of swift data transfers in a hub designed for the modern creative.

Enjoy Sleek Design and Lasting Durability with JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub

Crafted with precision, the JCPAL USB-C Hub marries sleek design with lasting durability. The one-piece aluminum alloy shell, anodized for protection against wear and corrosion, ensures your hub stands the test of time. Whether you’re a creative on the move or setting up a permanent workspace, the premium materials used in this hub speak of both elegance and resilience. Elevate your setup with a hub that not only performs but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your workspace.

Seamless Connectivity Anywhere in the World: Global Connectivity, Local Convenience

No matter where you are, the JCPAL USB-C 7 Port Hub ensures seamless connectivity. Designed for the modern nomad, this hub supports a world of accessories and provides a consistent connection experience. Whether you’re in the bustling city or a tranquil remote location, the JCPAL hub transforms any space into your personal creative hub. Experience local convenience with global connectivity, and let your creativity flow without borders.